10 05 2010

I have to admit i didnt really know much of the journalism subject until i had these two courses of online journalism and newsediting this semester. Both have simliar and different topics, but do cross paths very often. I’ve gained a good amount of knowledge from these classes and have more respect for the field itself and hope to continue my education in journalism now that I know a little more and am more interested.


Need For Revenue?

3 05 2010

The need for revenue has been around for a while so I would safely say that it doesnt have a huge impact, but all journalists are aware that it is required.  Also I wouldn’t guess that it affects certain types of news that get shown because journalist in the modern day can sort through and get the coverage on stories the public wants to read about. It would be different though if the revenue needed to fulfill was hard to maintain because probably then could it affect the news organization as a whole business.

PR Major

18 04 2010

As I continue through the classes of the public relations degree program I’m learning skills and knowledge that weren’t so interesting to me, but their everyday vaule is immense. I can now see why so many students consider changing majors because these first few classes help provide a basic vision of whats to come in your line of concentration. I was never considered an excellent student in english, but with all of these journalism classes it seems like im going to have to be which I relate to being good as common knowledge and I too am considering a new major at the moment, but I’ll wait it out a little longer to see my expectations followed through.

blog number 8

12 04 2010

I like the trend of journalist becoming more media involved. Now that the media is becoming widely used, news coverage can increase and specifically tailored to individuals which was probably the ultimate goal of news in the first place. Not only are people satisfied, but up and coming journalist that use this technology based news tool are probably anxious to use their skills this way to make the journalism task more demanding and challenging

Blog Numero three

15 02 2010

 The saying, ” A picture is worth a thousand words.”  in my mind simply means that the image is open to interpretation and everyone thinks differently so their mind can wonder and imagine. I believe pictures are a neccessary form of communication nowadays due to the digital camera and internet being in direct relation of one another. Especially with facebook which usually most people have several pictures to help show friends and family of what’s going on in their lives.

Blog #2

15 02 2010

   Alana to me seems overconfident, but also focused on what exactly she hopes to accomplish.  Overconfident in the way she doesnt have to follow traditional paths of journalism and tries to be above it all. Yet focused because she is trying to stay ahead of the media curve and pioneer these up and coming mediums to become familiar with.

001 Blog Entry

1 02 2010

Where do I begin? there is no denying the fact that anything relating to the web is becoming increasingly significant in our lifestyle. I haven’t really decided if I’m completely for it or not because both sides have their ups and downs, but it is still a very good form of communication amongst people and they say knowledge is pwer so now that information can be brought to us just about anywhere at anytime. As far as blogging is concerned it just seems like your putting your private affairs out in the open and are subject for invaders so to speak.